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Our health and hygiene classes in Kanauni, Ghaziabad, address disparities and promote self-care among women.

These classes serve as a platform to address health disparities, improve hygiene practices, and foster a culture of self-care and preventive healthcare among women. Here's an overview of how these classes are structured and the impact they aim to achieve

Needs Assessment and Curriculum Development: Before designing the health and hygiene classes, we conducted a thorough needs assessment to understand the specific health challenges and concerns faced by women in Kanauni, Ghaziabad. This involved engaging with community leaders, conducting surveys, and organizing focus group discussions etc. Based on the findings, we developed a comprehensive curriculum tailored to the unique needs and cultural context of the community.

Topics Covered: The health and hygiene classes cover a wide range of topics essential for women's well-being, including:

  • Personal hygiene practices: Proper handwashing techniques, menstrual hygiene management, dental care, and grooming habits.

  • Nutrition and diet: Basic principles of healthy eating, importance of balanced nutrition, and strategies for meal planning on a budget.

  • Reproductive health: Understanding menstrual health, family planning options, prenatal care, and common reproductive health issues.

  • Preventive healthcare: Importance of regular health check-ups, immunizations, screenings for common diseases, and early detection of health conditions.

  • Mental health and stress management: Strategies for coping with stress, promoting mental well-being, and seeking support when needed.

event details, EggheadFoundation
event details, EggheadFoundation

Interactive Sessions and Skill-building Activities: We utilize a variety of teaching methods such as group discussions, role-plays, demonstrations, and hands-on activities to make the sessions informative, engaging, and relevant to the participants' daily lives. Additionally, we provide practical demonstrations and skill-building exercises to help women develop and reinforce healthy habits and hygiene practices.

Empowering Women: We create a safe space for women to ask questions, share experiences, and seek guidance on health. Through peer support networks and referrals, we connect them with resources for quality healthcare and informed decision-making.

Monitoring and Evaluation: We regularly gather feedback, track changes in knowledge and behaviors, and measure the impact of our classes. Based on this evaluation, we adapt and improve our curriculum to meet the community's evolving needs.

By providing women from Kanauni, Ghaziabad, with access to comprehensive health and hygiene education, we aim to empower them with the knowledge, skills, and resources needed to lead healthier lives, make informed healthcare decisions, and create a supportive environment for themselves and their families.

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